Bar Humbug

This is a mighty fine spot in which to drink.  So the first thing we did when we came here was to build a bar (see right) to do it justice.  Then we built a drinks list that should stand comparison with any.

What do we think about drink?  Well here are some thoughts.  For some specific chat about wine, look at our Wine page. 

  • Brewers take real care when making beer nowadays.  So we pay it equal attention when it's in our cellar.

  • We source unsweetened apple juice from nearby Polgoon for children.  They even enjoy a glass free with their menu.

  • We price our drinks for people who live in the area, not the summer influx of visitors.

  • Carafes of wine are brilliant. We serve them in measures of 250ml or 375ml. It means we can open more wines and you can have more choice.

  • By serving decent sized spirit measures (35ml), we don’t oblige you to order doubles: better for you and better value. And we mix our drinks properly. 

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    In a country undergoing a real ale revolution, Cornwall has its own brewers to be proud of.  So we have as many as four real ales on a constantly revolving basis.  

    We try to have 3 hand pulled Cornish ales, usually from any of Skinners, St. Austell and our new favourites, Harbour Brewing, Padstow Brewing and Verdant.


    Wine feeds the soul and is something we spend a lot of time thinking about.  We were immeasurably happy to be the overall winner in the IWC 2019 Restaurant Wine List of the Year awards.

    We list up to 25 wines and sherries by the glass, many sourced from eccentrically brilliant winemakers by our suppliers. 



    We continue to bang the drum for sherries, madeiras and ports.  No Tio Pepe or Harveys here.  These are proper wines, with or without food.

    So please, please do give them a chance. In their various forms they are beautiful wines and deserve recognition. We have at least a dozen, all by the glass.



    We buy our brandies from David Baker of Brandyclassics, who may know more about the subject than anyone else in the country.

    The result is an intoxicating mixture of Armagnac, Cognac and Calvados. And for those with Blimpish tendencies, Julian Temperley’s cider brandies from the heart of Somerset. Rightly very popular.

    “Genuine hospitality and superb food and wine are the hallmarks here."
    Brian St. Pierre, Decanter
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    Tel: 01736 731 222
    The Old Coastguard, The Parade, Mousehole
    Penzance, Cornwall, TR19 6PR